A safe kitchen

10 Mar 2019
by Θωμάς Πουρνάρας

A safe kitchen: 6 things that each parent should take care of

Kitchen is a particularly interesting place for young ones. However, there are quite many potential threats. Hot dishes, sharp tools, electrical equipment – how to secure them from a child? We will tell you!


Surprisingly, majority of accidents with children happen at home. As a parent you surely teach your child that he cannot touch hot kitchen plate or play with sharp tools. Yet, sometimes it is not enough to protect him against threats. Below it is a list of 6 things that you should take care of if there are young ones living in your house.

1. Hide sharp tools

You will surely agree that knives and other sharp tools should be far away from little hands. Pretty looking wooden blocks with knives should disappear from child’s field of view, or they should be left in a place where a child cannot reach, e.g. on a shelf. Magnetic railings also will not be a good place for keeping knives. The safest way is to put them deep in a drawer or find an appropriate place for them in hanging cupboards. Sharp tools can be also kept in a drawer (preferably under the countertop) equipped in special locks which fit majority of drawers and protect them against the children.

https://www.brw.pl/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/zabezpieczenie-szuflad-przed-otwarciem-3-szt-42228-xlarge-800x601.jpg Securing drawers before opening

2. Close spices in cupboards and drawers

Spices are very interesting to children as they smell nicely and have different colours. Additionally, they are usually kept in colourful packages or jars. From child’s perspective they are ideal to play with!

Surely nothing serious would happen if a child eats a spoon of marjoram. Unfortunately, it will be worse with cinnamon, salt or pepper. Therefore, for child’s safety, keep the spices on shelves in closed and protected cupboards or if you have space – in one of the drawers.


Flexible lock for cabinets

The good idea for protecting cupboards from child is assembly of special locks, which have different shapes and are customized to different kind of handles.

3. Close the fridge… with a lock

Probably majority of products in a fridge are safe to eat for your child. The exception is alcohol and hot sauces like tabasco. We often have many glass jars and heavy pots, e.g. with soup, in the fridge. The ideal solution for securing the fridge is a special lock. Put it high so the child cannot reach it (even from the chair).


A lock securing the fridge   

4. Secure the oven and cooker

„Stay away, it’s hot!” – you must have said these words to your child. When you are not around, make sure that the kitchen spots are equipped with accessories preventing from burns, like plugs for gas cocks or covers for the tips of saucepans and pans.

Except for the use of gadgets, it’s worth to have a habit of reversing the protruding handles of dishes so they are not visible from the level of floor. Try not to leave pots on the gas or turned on oven when there is no adult around – even for a minute. If you buy a cooker, pay attention so it is equipped in lockers preventing children from switching them on.


5. Pay attention to where you keep the household chemicals

Dishwasher tablets and salt, cleaning agents or washing liquid should be also kept beyond children’s reach, preferably in an inaccessible cabinet. Additionally, it is worth to transfer the supplies to tightly closed plastic boxes.


          plastic box Top Store                                        container for washing powder

6. Secure windows and doors

Access to windows in the kitchen is usually easy. A wide countertop replacing the windowsill can encourage to experiments with opening the window. Hence, it is crucial to protect it against opening.  




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