Which Absorber is Sufficient for your Kitchen?

17 Feb 2018
by Αλέξανδρος Ανδρούτσος


The output or better the absorption of the absorber depends on the dimensions of the room and also on the route that the air follows until its exit .
The absorber must be able to refresh the air at least 10 times per hour.
Furthermore it depends on the length of the flue and its diameter and also the number of the angles until the exit of the air.

We recommend a diameter of F120 for up to 450m3/h and F150 for higher absorption. For every second angle we recommend reinforcement of the absorption of 15%.
Dimensions of kitchen = 4x4x2,8=44,8m3 (x10 = 448)

Ideal absorption = 450m3/h
refresh per hour = 10 times

Noise Level

In the installation with extraction the pipeline affects the noise level. For this reason minimize the number of the angles and junctions and choose materials that reduce the noise.

The new absorbers guarantee very good absorption even in the first speed with law level of noise.


You will find absorbers that matches with every kitchen.
If you wish to have homogeneity and coherence in the kitchen, then the solution is a built-in absorber.
If you like the idea of a decorative absorber you will find a lot of timeless and modern hoods in t-shape and vertical absorption.


Most of the absorbers operate by air extraction and also by air recycling.
The most efficient choice is the function with extraction since the absorber sucks the smells and drives them out. If there is not the possibility of extraction, we choose the recycling in which we use carbon filters in order to clean the air from the smells and channel it back.

Clever Tips

Remember to open the absorber 3 minutes before you start cooking. In this way you create an air flow channeling the smells and the steams to the absorption surface.

Regular maintenance = long life
It is important to clean the metallic filters frequently and replace the acrylic filters when needed, in order to prevent fat from permeate into the motor of the absorber and ensure its good function.