Two-tone kitchen - layouts

31 May 2022
by Θωμάς Πουρνάρας


The two-tone kitchen is currently one of the most interesting trends. If you want a different pattern in your kitchen, choose furniture in two colors. What color combinations should be considered and what to remember when deciding on such a kitchen layout?

The kitchen is the heart of the house. It should not only be functional, but also respond well to the preferences of its users. Modern two-tone kitchen furniture will perfectly suit the needs of people looking for ways to give character to their kitchen. The skillful combination of two basic colors will make it one of a kind.

A two-tone kitchen is a good suggestion for creative people who like to arrange their home spaces a little with the usual patterns. Are you part of this group? Take a closer look at the solution of kitchen furniture in two colors.

Two-tone kitchen - layouts

The colors of kitchen furniture are usually chosen based on contrast - all this so that each of them is clearly visible in the interior, and the whole arrangement acquires more dynamics.

Two-tone furniture almost always uses the "light top and dark bottom" design, as it helps to improve the proportions of the interior. In this arrangement, the upper cabinets acquire visual lightness, thanks to which the kitchen gives the impression that it is bright and spacious.

The furniture looks elegant in the kitchens, the fronts of the lower cabinets are deep black, while the upper ones are white. An elegant black-and-white furniture set with a high-gloss finish will be perfect for modern kitchen compositions, as well as for interiors decorated in the style of glamor and art deco.

In some ensembles, black is replaced by expressive colors, such as: violet, amaranth, canary yellow or lime green. Such extravagant kitchen furniture can only appear in really spacious interiors.


                        Κουζίνα 38th Elysee Avenue                           Κουζίνα 38th Elysee Avenue

People who choose a two-tone kitchen often choose sets that use a very successful marriage of wood and white. It works best in kitchens arranged in a Scandinavian and minimalist style. Lower cabinets are usually equipped with wooden fronts. Sometimes a subtle gray appears on the counters instead of white. Do you want a warm atmosphere in the kitchen? Choose two-tone kitchen furniture that combines white with a warm wooden decoration. In minimalist compositions, the accessories should have a simple form and a neutral color. Two-tone kitchens are an excellent choice for a common kitchen space combined with a living room. The color of the cabinet fronts should match the colors of the living room furniture.


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