Surrounded by greenery. The interior inspired by nature.

15 May 2018
by Θωμάς Πουρνάρας

Green is the color of nature, therefore it fits perfectly in a place where we want to find peace and regain balance. Not without reason, the color of 2017 by Pantone has been  15-0343 Greenery: this fresh, natural shade of green is a symbol of new beginnings and renewal - both external as well as spiritual.

The environment that is filled with soothing green calms the senses and brings harmony, so that we can fully relax. The dark shade of green is characterized by almost royal dignity - the same as you can feel during a walk in the woods.

Black Red White: tv cabinet Cannet, glass fronted cabinet Cannet

What to set up green with?

Greenery can be used in many color compositions, thanks to which it looks good in stylistically diverse interiors. Fans of modern classics will certainly appreciate the subdued elegance that distinguishes bottle green combined with dark colors.   


Black Red White, chest of drawers MODAI

Shades of green blend perfectly with colors such as burgundy, graphite and anthracite. Green accents will be the perfect complement to the chest of drawers Modai in black anthracite color, which was mounted on a sturdy metal base.


A fashionable choice will be also a combination of green accessories with a Moko chest of drawers in a shade of intense burgundy.

Black Red White,  chest of drawers  MOKO



Insertion of natural, spreading potted plants, fill up the arrangement complements and highlight its best qualities.

Black Red White, glass fronted cabinet REG2D2W3S CANNET, glass fronted cabinet REG2D1W2S CANNET



A set of lounge furniture in shades of green is a bold choice that will give tone to the whole apartment. However, do not be afraid that they will become overwhelming: used in moderation, well-chosen colors of nature bring order and harmony. Spacious sofa Kera, reminiscent of forest moss, simply invites you to blissfully do nothing. Additional advantage? The whole family will fit on it.

Black Red White, sofa KERA


Instant change

 Black Red White, chest of drawer POSSI AIR

Intense green should be used in moderation: one element of the decor is enough to change the character of the whole apartment.  


Armchair Stravinsky in pair with a matching pouf is an intriguing addition that will not escape anyone's attention. Such a combination will quickly get the attention of all guests!

Black Red White, armchair Stravinsky, pouf Strawinsky

If we want only a subtle revival of the interior, it is worth choosing a few small elements in a shade of green. Accessories in this color will immediately bring a breath of fresh air and will not overwhelm the surroundings. Perhaps a fashionable accent in the form of a picture showing lush vegetation turns out to be a hit?

Black Red White, cabinet HAGA


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