Why to choose a stainless-steel sink for your kitchen?

24 Feb 2018
by Αλέξανδρος Ανδρούτσος

The steel differs from any other material because it can fit in almost every environment.

Significant advantages :

  • timeless aesthetics
  • does not rust
  • totally resistant in the heat
  • stainless steel and resistant to acid
  • does not fade
  • easy to care

Do stainless steel sinks rust?

No when the sink is being cleaned frequently from all the typical household dirt.

Advices about the use and care of stainless steel sink:

  • remove the remains of dirt and water salts regularly.
  • do not use cleaning products with chlorine.
  • use only stainless steel wool for your pots.
  • avoid the direct and prolonged contact with items that rust (cast ironware).

How does spots appear on the surface of the sink ?

These spots usually contain salt residues which they appear due to the water hardness. The residues hold dirt particles and as a result these ugly spots appear soon. Small particles of iron or rust from the water supply network can as well create the impression of rust especially in case of a new building or repairs in the pipeline system where there is cast iron.

How to prevent the creation of spots.

Such spots are prevented by wiping the sink after every use. If spots are keeping appearing one can clean them with a common cleanser suitable for stainless steel sinks. 

Instructions for every day care.

For the day care of your sink you can use a common cleanser suitable for stainless stee

After every use wash off the sink with plenty of warm water and dry it with a soft cloth.

  • do not use a wire sponge
  • do not use chemical cleansers for silver or other chlorine-based detergents or bleach.


  • if there is a contact with acidic material immediately wash it off with plenty of water and dry with a soft cloth.
  • do not leave on the sink rusty objects
  • do not leave on the sink for long time food which have erosive properties like juice, salt , vinegar etc
  • do not leave on the surface of the sink objects in high temperature. Place then on special surface of wood or plastic
  • avoid pulling objects on the bottom of the sink
  • avoid dropping from high altitude heavy or sharp objects.