Ideas for a small bedroom

15 Feb 2018
by Αλέξανδρος Ανδρούτσος

Ideas for a small bedroom

Small is not only pretty but also functional. If you don't have a big bedroom, you can decorate it stylishly and comfortably. Check out our ideas for bedroom arrangement. 
How to arrange a small bedroom? Should one decide to have only a bed and a wardrobe? What colours to choose? The modern collections of Black Red White furniture allow everyone to choose right equipment for the bedroom. No matter whether you have much space or the contrary, you can easily, and most important - fashionably, arrange your bedroom. Here are a few tips.

What colours for a small bedroom?

That's a myth that in a small room, only bright colours should be used. Yes, they add space but just as well as whites and beiges, the calming blues and greys will work as well. Surely, the dark, overwhelming colours shouldn't be used as we will optically reduce the room, and the dark bedroom won't promote comfortable rest. If you don't know what colours to choose, see our arrangements. 
A modern bedroom in white colour gives a Scandinavian atmosphere to the interior. You will get it thanks to the Porto and Luca furniture collection. Minimalist furniture is distinguished by its fronts with subtle outlines of wood. Please note that the wardrobe with mirror doors is a way to enlarge a small space.

Black Red White, Luca collection The small interior doesn't deprive you of the possibility of completing a beautiful bedroom. All you have to do is find a place for a wardrobe, spacious dresser and bedside cabinets.

Black Red White, Byron collectionWould you like to arrange an elegant and modern bedroom? Byron collection is a suggestion for you. Shining white fronts create a perfect composition with wood colour and a black ellipse made of tempered glass adds originality to the décor of the entire bedroom. If you prefer more intensive shades of wood, the furniture from Anticca collection in oak colour would be the good choice.

Black Red White, Anticca collectionDistinguish your bedroom!

How? Very easily! What you have to do is paint one wall - preferably the one at which you put the bed - with an intense color, for example red or purple. Such colour accent in white or bright bedroom won't bother your eyes before going to sleep, and the whole interior will get character.

Small bedroom = functional bedroom

If you don't have too much space, take advantage of modern and functional solutions. One of them is a Black Red White bed with a drawer. You can hide sheets, towels and other things in it. Such beds can be found in the Anticca, Luca and Porto collections.

Black Red White, Porto collection