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Time to take a closer look at the Otta LUX 3DL sofa. The seat filled with foam and wavy springs provides comfort during long gossip with a friend and film marathons with a partner. Back cushions filled with foam and silicone non-woven fabric provide soft back support, and your arms can be supported by 2 high armrests. You can take them off to gain extra space. The loft character is thanks to metal legs in the shape of a geometric skid.

A friend came to visit? The sofa with the sleeping function unfolds quickly and easily thanks to the automatic machine, and you get a place to sleep for two. Their comfortable rest is due to a sleeping area of ​​140x199 cm. Bedding can be stored in a dedicated container.

Special features of the furniture:
• Sofa with sleeping function and container for bedding
• Efficient and slightly working mechanism supporting unfolding - folding convenience
• Wavy springs in the seat and mattress, i.e. the entire sleeping surface - comfortable and homogeneous sleeping
• Large sleeping area - functionality and comfort
• Even sleeping surface - increased sleeping comfort
• Easy container access
• Large container - increased storage capacity
• The combination of polyurethane foam and silicone nonwoven fabric in the backrest cushion filling - high backrest comfort and increased durability of the cushion
• Removable back cushions - increased use area
• Decorative metal feet


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