sofa Tawi

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Radiused edges softened armrests and decorative rollers - when you see a sofa Tawi you want to put it on and enjoy blissful afternoon.High bonell springs - we put on them to create a seat and backrest. Now you can give yourself a comfortable rest. The homogeneous surface is the best advertisement for a sofa with the sleep function. In addition, a practical container for bedding and automated unfolding makes the furniture easy to use as a place to sleep. On a daily basis, you can enjoy high armrests that will provide stable support. Extensive, durable back cushions you will appreciate, thanks to their filling with a composition of silicone and foam.Pay attention to the unusual rollers that decorate the sofa bed. Set on plastic legs, Tawi sofa will look great in a cozy living room.

Product characteristics:
Width: 242 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 108 cm
Length of the sleeping surface : 197 cm
Width of the sleeping surface: 144 cm


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