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Colin collection - an alternative to wardrobe Dressing room - the object of many women's dreams. A great alternative is the wardrobe from the Colin collection, which will allow you to store your clothes and accessories. Comfortable access to the contents of the wardrobe is ensured by a non-handle sliding door. It is possible to configure the appearance and contents of the cabinet from the available models. At your disposal, we have 4 color versions of the corps and several colors of the fronts in the matte, gloss or mirror. Add shelves and drawers, so that the space in your wardrobe will be used optimally. Discover the interior designer's talent and create your dream wardrobe with the Colin collection.

Design a wardrobe to suit your needs.

Step 1: Choose the width and color of the body. Available body widths: 153 cm, 183 cm and 220 cm. Available body colors: white, sonoma oak, wenge and san remo oak, bright interior of the wardrobe in the color of canvas.

Step 2: Choose the color of the 6 front panels. You can mix colors according to your own taste. matte foil-coated fronts: • white • grandson oak • san remo oak light • sonoma oak • riviera oak • wotan oak • bright sibiu larch • golden sibiu larch • gray • wenge  varnish high-gloss-coated fronts: • white glossy lacquer • white gloss foil • black gloss • graphite gloss front panel - mirror.

Step 3: Choose additional elements of the interior of the wardrobe. Add shelves and drawers, so that the space in your wardrobe will be used optimally. Shelves and drawers are available in the color of the canvas.

The price of the wardrobe in the presented on the first picture configuration, contains  prices of 3 shelves (1 set) and 3 drawers (1 set). Other configurations may vary in price, because you can choose front panels from different price group or remove shelves or drawers. To create your own wardrobe, contact our consultant in Thessaloniki, phone 2310318442   


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